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Fabio Quartararo faced a challenging race at the Losail International Circuit, securing a 12th-place finish while competing with the best of the two factory Yamahas. Despite his efforts, he concluded the 11-lap contest nearly 13 seconds behind the leader.

Throughout the weekend, Quartararo grappled with a lack of pace in low-grip conditions, which persisted during the sprint. Additionally, he experienced significant degradation on his Michelin rubber in the final stages of the race, resulting in him losing a position to VR46 Ducati’s Marco Bezzecchi on the last lap.

Although the outcome was within his expectations, as he had approached the new season with tempered expectations, Quartararo highlighted the peculiar issues with tyre wear at Losail. He expressed concern about the substantial degradation during the sprint and the limited rear tyre options for the race, emphasizing the complexity of the situation.

Fabio Quartararo faced significant challenges at the Losail International Circuit, particularly in dealing with heavy tyre degradation during the sprint race. Despite opting for the medium tyre on both the front and rear of his Yamaha M1, he encountered unexpected and substantial degradation over the course of the 11-lap sprint.


Quartararo expressed confusion and concern regarding the drastic degradation he experienced, highlighting the discrepancy between the test conditions, where the grip was significantly higher, and the actual race conditions. He noted that the drop in performance during the sprint race was unprecedented, especially considering the use of the race compound, which posed unexpected difficulties for him.

Fabio Quartararo expressed bewilderment at the extent of tyre drop-off during the race, indicating that the change in track conditions compared to the pre-season test in Qatar couldn’t entirely account for the substantial degradation. He highlighted the difference in track conditions between the test, where there is a buildup of Michelin rubber throughout the day, and the race, but noted that he didn’t perceive such a significant difference before.

Meanwhile, Quartararo’s Yamaha teammate, Alex Rins, faced his own challenges, finishing 17th and also grappling with tyre wear issues. Rins emphasized the need to carefully manage the rear tyre, as he encountered significant performance reduction in the closing laps of the sprint. Looking ahead to the full 22-lap race on Sunday, he expressed concerns about the potential impact of tyre degradation, recognizing that it would pose a considerable challenge over the longer distance.

Both riders’ experiences underscore the critical role of tyre management in competitive outings and highlight the unpredictability of track conditions and tyre performance in racing.

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