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INDY NXT ST. PETERSBURG, The first round of the Indy Lights series delivered intense racing action and unforeseen plot twists. From Siegel’s pole position start to the dramatic battles throughout the 45-lap race, every moment was filled with excitement.

Siegel, starting from pole, engaged in a thrilling duel with Jacob Abel at Turn 1 but managed to maintain his lead. Meanwhile, leading rookie Myles Rowe closely followed in third, as Gold received a penalty and Jamie Chadwick faced challenges, ultimately requiring suspension repairs after an eventful sequence of incidents.

As the race progressed, Siegel surged ahead, building a substantial lead over Abel. Foster and d’Orlando fiercely competed for positions, with Collet experiencing a setback due to a high-speed spin. The subsequent full-course caution, caused by Aron’s crash, reset the dynamics of the race.


Amidst the turmoil, the battle for podium places intensified, with Siegel ultimately claiming victory, closely followed by Abel. Foster valiantly defended his position against d’Orlando, securing the final podium spot. D’Orlando settled for fourth, with Gold, Browne, Collet, and Rowe completing the top finishers.

This exhilarating race set the stage for an enthralling Indy Lights season, showcasing the talent and determination of the drivers in the series.

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