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The 2024 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) faces logistical challenges due to the Lok Sabha elections and the T20 World Cup. Despite this, chairman of the IPL Governing Council Arun Dhumal is confident of the tournament continuing in the home-and-away format even in the second phase.

the BCCI has released the schedule for the first 21 games of IPL 2024, scheduled to take place between March 22 and April 7. Arun Dhumal, the chairman of the IPL Governing Council, mentioned that the schedule for the remaining games disclosed once there is greater clarity concerning the elections. He reaffirmed the commitment to hosting the tournament in India.

Dhumal emphasized the importance of maintaining a home and away format, mentioning that in 2019, the entire IPL played in this format despite coinciding with the general elections. He expressed the desire for uniformity and equal opportunities for all teams, even in the face of potential scheduling challenges.

Historically, the IPL has faced similar challenges during the 2019 and 2014 editions, coinciding with national elections. In 2014, the tournament held in two phases across the United Arab Emirates and India. Additionally, in 2009, the entire tournament hosted in South Africa due to the general election in India.

Furthermore, Dhumal ruled out the possibility of holding a portion of the tournament outside India at short notice, citing logistical and scheduling constraints. He also acknowledged that the IPL will need to navigate its schedule with the T20 World Cup, commencing on June 1 in the United States of America and West Indies.

Indian Premier League 2024

The IPL 2024 anticipated to conclude by the last week of May. The tournament aims to wrap up by May 25 or 26, allowing Indian players to acclimate to different conditions ahead of the T20 World Cup.

Arun Dhumal highlighted the potential need to increase the number of double-header matches to ensure the completion of the tournament within the scheduled timeframe. However, he mentioned that clearer insights into the scheduling adjustments can be provided once the elections concluded.

Given the likelihood of the elections being held in April and May, the IPL 2024 expected to coincide with the polls. Managing the logistical challenges while maintaining the tournament’s home-and-away format will be an intriguing aspect to observe in the coming weeks.

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