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India Reached number one, ndia extended their lead at the top of the 2023-25 World Test Championship (WTC) points table by defeating England in Dharamsala, clinching the five-match series 4-1. This victory solidified their position as the No. 1 team in the WTC, irrespective of the ongoing Christchurch Test between New Zealand and Australia, who hold the second and third spots in the points table.

The 4-1 series win propelled India to the top of the ICC’s Test rankings, ensuring they will maintain their No. 1 position even if Australia secures a win against New Zealand in Christchurch. Notably, India also holds the top rank in both ODI and T20I formats at present.

India Reached number one

India initially slipped to fifth place in the WTC points table after losing the first Test of the series against England in Hyderabad. However, they swiftly climbed back up to No. 1 by winning the next three matches. The innings victory in Dharamsala further boosted their percentage points to 68.51%, having accrued 74 out of 108 points after competing in nine matches (six wins, two defeats, one draw) in the ongoing WTC cycle.

In the WTC points system, a team earns 12 points for a Test win, six for a tie, four for a draw, and none for a defeat. Rankings are determined based on the percentage of points won, considering each team plays a different number of Tests in the WTC cycle.

Furthermore, teams incur deductions for slow over rate penalties. For instance, despite winning three Tests in this WTC cycle, England only has 21 points due to a loss of 19 points from slow over-rate penalties. Consequently, they currently hold the eighth position with 17.5 percentage points after participating in ten Tests.

New Zealand

New Zealand currently holds the second position with 60% points, while Australia follows closely in third place with 59.09%. If New Zealand emerges victorious in the ongoing Christchurch Test, their percentage points will rise to 66.67%. Conversely, an Australian win would propel them ahead of New Zealand with 62.5%.

Before the IPL season kicks off on March 22, India primed to maintain their No. 1 spot for several months, given the conclusion of the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Test series.

Bangladesh occupies the fourth spot in the WTC points table, having participated in only one series in the ongoing cycle. They trailed by Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa, England, and Sri Lanka.

The culmination of the WTC cycle will see the top two teams compete in the final at Lord’s in June 2025. Notably, India has qualified for both previous WTC finals but faced defeat against New Zealand in 2021 and Australia in 2023.

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