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FIFA World Cup 2026, The deep-rooted association of New Jersey with the mafia, epitomized by the iconic TV series ‘The Sopranos’, underscores the cultural significance of tracksuits within this context. The tracksuit, originally introduced in 1939 as the “Sunday Suit” by the French brand Le Coq Sportif, initially intended for athletes, but it gained widespread appeal in the late 1960s following Adidas’ launch of their three-stripe line in collaboration with football legend Franz Beckenbauer.

FIFA World Cup 2026

Tracksuits swiftly became a fashionable choice for people of all ages and backgrounds, with comedian Jimmy Fallon humorously remarking on the difficulty of distinguishing a football player from a New Jersey local adorned in an Adidas tracksuit post-FIFA update. This versatile and comfortable garment transcended societal boundaries, appealing to both the affluent and the less fortunate with its stylish allure, becoming a symbol of inclusivity and fashion across diverse social strata.

Notably, gangsters found practical utility in tracksuits, which provided ample space for concealing weapons and money envelopes, earning them the moniker “Bensonhurst Tuxedo” in the Mafia stronghold of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. In the realm of ‘The Sopranos’, costume designer Juliet Polcsa’s meticulous attention to character attire aimed at conveying narrative depth through clothing, exemplifying the role of costume design in storytelling. Moreover, actor Michael Imperioli, who portrayed Christopher Moltisanti on the show, highlighted the authenticity of the clothing choices, underscoring the blend of casual and formal looks that mirrored real-life Mafia social clubs.

Furthermore, Martin Scorsese’s ‘Goodfellas’ also showcased the tracksuit, with Ray Liotta’s character flaunting a trendy Adidas number while incarcerated, accentuating the cultural significance of tracksuits within the world of organized crime. Interestingly, even in the portrayal of gangsters, there existed certain standards for attire, as illustrated by an anecdote involving James Gandolfini’s character Tony Soprano receiving a call expressing disapproval of his on-screen attire.

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