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The F1 Academy in Saudi Arabia, winning both races in a controlled manner. However, a notable incident occurred when she failed to notice the chequered flag at the end of Saturday’s race. Continuing at full pace on the cool-down lap and crossing the line again, officials had to show the red flags to get her attention.

Pin explained to fellow podium finishers Pulling and Maya Weug that she had suffered a radio issue, which was not evident on the broadcast when her race engineer asked her about the chequered flag. As a result of this incident, Pin received a drive-through penalty, which converted to a 20-second sanction, ultimately dropping her to ninth place.

Amna Al Qubaisi, competing in RB colors, received a five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage, causing her to drop to eighth place. Before receiving the penalty, Doriane Pin reflected on her weekend with joy, expressing amazement at the experience of racing alongside Formula 1 and Formula 2, and emphasizing the valuable learning opportunities presented by this unique opportunity.

Pin also mentioned the challenges of managing two safety car restarts across the 13-lap distance, emphasizing the difficulty of such situations and the need to remain focused and handle the pressure effectively in racing scenarios. The F1 Academy concluded with Pulling emerging as the early championship leader, followed by Weug in second place and Pin in third.

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